Schmo (born Katelyn Ruth on July 27 in the United States), is the former part of the American fanfiction-writing duo Schmo and Sushi. The majority of her cooperation is in the "Funny Farm Chronicles," as she is one of the three co-authors. She shoulder length dishwater blonde hair, hazel eyes with glasses, is rather short, and wears Converse to each and every social gathering. Including prom.

Writing Edit

Schmo is the co-author of "The Funny Farm and the Sorcerer's Stone," "The Funny Farm and the Chamber of Secrets," "The Funny Farm and the Prisoner of Azkaban," and "The Funny Farm and the Goblet of Fire." While she has not written directly for any of the most recent Funny Farm books due to distance, she continues to be used as a source of inspiration and advice for the series.

Most of her fanfiction can be found at either her FF.Net account or on dreamwidth at Shut Up, Wesley! She's currently working on two major projects: Progression is a Lord of the Rings BAMF fic in which three siblings find themselves lost on the plains of Gondor and then there's a currently untitled Narnia fic that delves into the customs and politics of Archenland. Along with that, she's in the process of editing a second draft of a six-part Red vs Blue fic called Goblin Men which will be posted soon.

Personal Life Edit

Schmo currently lives in the sunny (and quite windy!) state of South Dakota. She's completed high-school and will soon be attending the Univeristy of South Dakota as a Theater Major. Studies in English and/or Film to be determined at a later date. Schmo owns two cats, Merry and Pippin and frequently drives around the farmland she lives by to look at the horses there. She draws quite a bit and is currently working on some art for the Funny Farm Chronicles. Her art can be found at herdeviantART page. She is also active on LiveJournal and spends quite a bit of time roleplaying there, when she's not writing, drawing or watching old movies.