Sushi (born Rachel Anne on April 19 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States), is the latter part of the American fanfiction-writing duo Schmo and Sushi. The majority of Schmo and Sushi's works are written entirely by her. She apparently has curly brown hair, brown eyes and glasses, a prominent ("very Dutch") nose, big feet, and is tall and nonathletic.

Writing Edit

Sushi is the author of three full-length fanfictions under the Schmo and Sushi name, as well as several one-shots, and is also the co-author of "The Funny Farm Chronicles."

Personal Life Edit

Sushi, while refusing to reveal her exact age, has admitted she is still in high school. "It's a challenge to write and have a full academic and social life, but it's also a wonderful way to learn more about people and get plot ideas. There's no place more dramatic than a high school!"

Also a large contributing factor to Sushi's writing is her faith. She is a "professing Christian," presumably Protestant, and she has made it a goal to try "to steer clear of overt Christianity, as she understands that it makes many people uncomfortable, there is a very strong element of it in each of [[[Schmo]] and Sushi's] Lewis fanfics."

It is evident in Sushi's favorite quotes and author's notes that she is a history buff, occasionally pointing out significant dates and events to her readers and rewriting American and English folk songs to include in her stories.