"Taming the Tides" (February 2009-present) is a Chronicles of Narnia fanfiction written by Schmo and Sushi on the website Fanfiction.Net. First published on February 21, 2009, it is the sequel to the popular fanfiction "Sea Rat" [1].

Plot Summary (up to chapter 16)Edit

The story opens with nineteen-year-old Enna Pevensie, wife to High King Peter and therefore queen of Narnia, traveling in the south of Narnia with Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Aramir Ealion, and several Narnians. They are headed to the country of Archenland in order to secure King Lune's alliance in the developing war with rebel Galma, while King Peter leads the Narnian army in pursuit of the fleeing Galmanian army.

One night, the camp is attacked by a werewolf, a remnant of the White Witch's army. Enna flees to the safety of the woods but is pursued by the werewolf. Aramir helps her escape certain death, but upon the morning, they realize they are hopelessly lost in the Archen Mountains. Together with the help of Aslan (whom, in an ironic twist, only Enna can see), they find a secret passage through the snowy mountains into Archenland.

There, they beg sanctuary from a rich lord (Lord Dorovan), where Lucy and Edmund were already waiting. However, they have arrived in Archenland just in time for the start of the fortnight-long rainy season, and are thus prevented from travel during this time.

On a rainless day, Aramir and Enna stumble upon a small village, Ilvernarran, wherein Aramir discovers his mother's side of the family. In a cruel twist of fate, however, the Galmanian army sweeps through the area and burns the town, killing his newfound family.

Also occurring during the long stay in Dorovan Hall is the revelation of Edmund's lust for his brother's wife. He kisses Enna in a closet in the midst of a game of hide-and-go-seek, sending her running from the room. It is later revealed, however, that Edmund has a bad habit of wanting things he can't have. Nevertheless, Enna is wary of him from this time on. Lucy also reveals to Aramir around this time that she has a schoolgirl's crush on him, but he refuses her advances for mysterious reasons. Lucy quickly recovers from this infatuation and moves on.

At last, the rainy season is over and the travelers continue to Anvard.

Main Characters Edit

Enna Pevensie (neé Aldenthew): The female protagonist. The story is told completely from her viewpoint, with rare divergences from that pattern. She is nineteen years old in this story, and is portrayed as a highly intelligent, yet stubborn and spiritually weak human being. As the story progresses, her closest friend remains Aramir Ealion.

Aramir Ealion: The male protagonist. Not much is immediately known about his background, but he is clearly the "yin to Enna's yang." At nearly twenty-one, he is strong where she is weak, and vice versa. He remains Enna's closest friend throughout the story.

Endrit Roscommon: Enna's twin brother. Almost immediately, he and Enna start building a close relationship, but it is obvious they are not quite comfortable around each other yet. He is also very much like Enna, in more ways than are healthy.

Lucy Pevensie: Enna's sister-in-law and dear friend. She supports Enna's and Peter's marriage blindly, and hopes for a niece or nephew from them. It is also revealed that she had a brief infatuation with Aramir for some time.

Lady Tamlyn: Enna's loyal lady-in-waiting. She is not introduced until chapter nineteen, but soon shows herself to be a steadfast, if not silly, companion.

Themes Edit

The subject of self-truth and self-improvement is a main one in the story. Enna struggles with her own feelings and wonders if they're appropriate, as well as grapples with her hasty decision to marry Peter throughout the tale. As the book progresses, she slowly comes to terms with her own intelligence but also wrestles with her tendency towards rudeness and insensitivity.

Enna also struggles with her familial history and weaknesses. Blood runs thicker than water and she discovers her mother was unfaithful to her father. This is something she must overcome in her own life and in her relationship with Peter. Should she have married him at all? Aslan did not support the decision. Why? Perhaps she was meant to be with someone else? Perhaps she was meant to grow up and deal with her weaknesses first?

Also discussed, though briefly, is the issue of women's rights. A repeated sentiment of Enna's is that she wishes to be more than "the high king's lady."

Trivia Edit

The rich lord Enna and the others stay with is Lord Dorovan. He was the father of Arrania Dorovan, the protagonist of the Schmo and Sushi fanfiction "A Time for Us."