"The Funny Farm Chronicles" (2006-present) is the name given to the series of Harry Potter fanfictions written by Schmo and Sushi (along with the oft forgot Schmurf). The timeline of the books follows that of the original Harry Potter books (written by J.K. Rowling); however, the period have been changed so that the average birth year of Rowling's main characters is 1992. The series' authors pride themselves on following book canon, so the characters of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger play small roles.

Premise Edit

Four American Muggle-borns receive their Hogwarts letters in the summer of 2003. Once at Hogwarts, they quickly become fast friends with Gryffindors Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas. Together with the older sister of one of the girls, they make up the Funny Farm, an informal "club." The series chronicles their seven years at Hogwarts.

Main Characters Edit

Rachel Hekman: A tall girl with frizzy hair and glasses. She is described as "the smartest girl in Hogwarts after Hermione Granger." She is very strong-willed, and finds an excellent sparring partner in her best friend and worst enemy, Seamus Finnigan.

Hannah Schreiter: A short, pale girl with dark hair and brilliant blue eyes and glasses. She is quiet and intelligent, but occasionally loses her temper, which cows the other Funny Farmers into shocked submission.

Katelyn Barcanic: A rambunctious daredevil with a pug nose and glasses. She often attempts to break rules, but is held in check by Rachel, Hannah, and Tanya. She professes a heart of steel, but is actually susceptible to heartbreak.

Tanya Rogers: The Luna Lovegood of the Funny Farm. She is very Russian (with an accent), short, blonde with ice blue eyes, and is graceful and irrepressibly optimistic. She is notorious for her proneness to not understand jokes.

Seamus Finnigan: The Funny Farm's precious leprechaun. He is unusually tall for being Irish, has freckles, green eyes, and can speak a bit of Gaelic. His temper is infamously short, but otherwise he is mild and easygoing. He has an unfortunate tendency to fight for several weeks with Rachel.

Dean Thomas: A tall, rather grouchy boy. He is Seamus' second best mate, and stays at his home in Ireland every August. He is rather the oddball in the group, finding his preferences rather different than the others', in the way of food, television, and ethics.

Haley Schreiter-Wood: Hannah's older sister by four years. She is uncontrollably vivacious, and often has violent but rather comical mood swings. She married Gryffindor Keeper Oliver Wood in "The Funny Farm and the Goblet of Fire."